Monday, 15 June 2009

Just one last mention and then I will stop necroposting in here.
All of my WoW-antics and such are posted on my main blog now, due to the wonder that we call labels. You can find it at or at (a redirect) for short.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

I'm playing WoW again, but I won't be updating this blog past this post. Instead I'm moving to a new blog; Shamanistic Enhancements. And no, the url won't be that long. You can find the blog (but with no content as of now) at So...

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Update and new directions.

It's a long time since I've been posting here and a few things have changed since then. I quit WoW (surprisingly easy if you quit before) and I probably won't come back for Wrath.

Also, my new site, I gave up on translating, since it isn't translating, it's rewriting. It took me ages to only get one post done, which isn't nice if you don't have that time. Therefore the site will only be available in Dutch. I'm writing there about Magic: The Gathering, My Xbox (and it's problems) and silly things that happen. Unfortunatly there is only a small chance that WoW will be found on it.

Anyhow, if you're Dutch (or can speak/read Dutch) and interested, look it up at or for short.

So, um.... bye.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Yet Another Tiny Update

My new blog is coming along nicely... just have to translate the "starting content" and then I can get a posting schedule up... Coming Soon.

What it will have:
  • Better Posts
  • Better tagging
  • better layout (as in shinier)
  • And not just WoW.

Monday, 1 September 2008

It's quiet.... Too quiet.

It's been a while since I posted, mostly because I'm runnin out of things to write about in WoW. That and the new Soul Calibur have been keeping me from writing. And when I do want to write, I can't think of anything. Basically, this is an "I'm not dead yet"-post. Mainly because I'm setting up a new blog (unhappy with this one and I'd rather start with a clean slate), which will have less posts like this one and more quality posts. Unfortunatly, to do so, I'm writing in Dutch first and then translating into English, meaning that the English people will have to wait a day or two before they can read it.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

"wna heal brd, gt grp"

When I am playing on my Shaman, I can enjoy the silence, only being whispered by gold sellers. Which is really annoying, starting with "hello", which gets them a response like "No, I don't want to buy gold.". Report'd. But still, it's nice and quiet. Not because no one wants me to heal for them, but my guild has the reputation of not liking to PuG. We didn't know at first, until people mentioned that when they applied. But there was a time that I got spammed to go everywhere.

Nice, people begging you to go with them, to heal them. Problem is that they manage to whisper me when I am Enhancement. One of the Shamans from the top Horde guild at that time asked me to heal for him in Heroic Slave Pens. "No, I can't, I'm Enhancement", was my reply. No problem, he went to find a healer again. Next day, I get the same whisper from him, asking if I could heal Heroic SP. Again, I told him that I was Enhancement and that I didn't want to heal. Next day, he asked me again!

Now, forgetting something trivial like some stranger's spec is one thing. Forgetting it four days in a row, meaning that you don't listen is another. So I declined again, only to get the question again the next day. Now I was getting annoyed. After letting him off by declining to heal again, I started to think of a scheme I had on my mind a long time before those whispers.

When I thought of that plan, people were taking the healers for granted, only the raid leader and class leaders actually knew who was a healer. This was painfully obvious when a co-op raid between #2 and #3 on Horde side, both with MC on farm, wiped on Sulfuron Harbinger, due to setting an Enhancement Shaman on main heal duty (it wasn't me). Basically, the plan was to sign up as healer, while being specced differently. That never happened, I launched a "Healers are awesome" campaign instead.

So when I got whispered the next day, which was as expected, I told him that I'd heal. Unfortunately, they caught me before I managed to wipe them, which was probably a good thing. Enhancement gear looks alot better than healing gear.

But as our guild is known not to like terrible PuGs, people don't ask us for everything anymore. Exept for KZ pugs ofcourse (New guilds really need to talk to each other, not try to get the T6 guilds to help them). But on my paladin, I don't sport the Phoenix Legion tag yet. So, whenever I play, I'm bound to get asked to heal Sunken Temple (so awful... never again... hated that on my Shaman) or Blackrock Depths, which are both not the greatest instances. Added bonus: I'm playing Retribution.

But when I play World of Warcraft, I usually take the time to type out my sentences, often even using punctuation and proper capitalization. I don't like 13375|>34|<, nor do I like people that don;t take their time to write out their question if they want me to help them. When I ask someone to help me, I don't write "help plz". When I help someone with questions about the guild, I use proper grammar. Others don't. So if you ask "wnna heal brd, got grp", I'm not gonna come.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Just our luck

So, we're attempting Bloodboil. 17% on our first ever try, we're getting the hang of it and.... We get lag. ALOT of lag. Then the realm dies. Wait, the entire battlegroup is dead! It's a shame, we would have gotten him down tonight, netting us a 3rd (!!!) first kill this week. Damnit. Now we're just making Gnomes on Bladefist, all named Bob, or Bób, or Bobthebuilder, Bobcheese, Bobjaws etc. etc.