Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Usually I don't link from YouTube

But these 2 video's are an exeption.


Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My Revenge will be sweet.

About 2 weeks ago, I had an idea: After having all of my creatures killed off time after time by my opponents, why not try a deck without creatures? I took my collection of cards, took red ones for direct damage, blue for counterspelling and black to destroy creatures. It's easy to build: Take 4 Terrors, 4 Lava Axes, and stuff like Negate and Disperse. After leaving nothing but ashes in my wake (not literally) while playing against my friends (Well, with 2 exeptions: Kithkin decks and a rogue deck), I went to the local gaming store to get some tips on improving it.

Once I got there, I went to play a game against the shopkeeper... Ouch. He had a deck that revolved about discarding cards untill he got 4 Bridges from Below in his graveyard, something strong like Akroma in there too and then he pulled all sorts of stuff from his graveyard.

When a non-token creature that he controlled was put in his graveyard, he got a 2/2 zombie token. So per creature killed, he got 4 2/2 zombie tokens. Remember that I have no creatures? The cheapest creature removal I have is Terror, it costs 2 mana and it only kills non-black, non-artifact creatures. The zombie tokens are black. So I cannot do *anything* against his tokens. Which piled up and piled up. At turn 4, I lost the game already.

A few days later, I met a guy there that plays a graveyard deck too, but this one is an Extended deck, which revolves about "Dredge":
502.47. Dredge
502.47a Dredge is a static ability that functions only while the card with dredge is in a player’s graveyard. “Dredge N” means “As long as you have at least N cards in your library, if you
would draw a card, you may instead put N cards from the top of your library into your
graveyard and return this card from your graveyard to your hand.”
502.47b A player with fewer cards in his or her library than the number required by a dredge ability
can’t put any of them into his or her graveyard this way.
So he can throw all sorts of stuff in his graveyard. And he then used Dread Return and Bridge from Below to build a huge army. Again with Akroma, because of the many abilities. But...

The Shadowmoor set is coming up. The pre-release is next week. Our magic group is going with a grand total of 4. 4 is the maximum amount of the same (non-basic-land) card allowed in your deck. And with the card to the right as the pre-release card we will all get... The pictures doesn't show the original art, but the promo art, which we will get. Now: Scroll back up, read Dread Return, then the card to the right and then the dredge rules. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Use Dredge-ing to get all of your Demigods of Revenge in your graveyard, then play one. Just one. Use Dread Return for it, or something like that and POOF! You have an army of 4 5/4 flying monstrosities with haste (they can attack immeadiatly) and flying (hard to block), so you have a whopping 20 damage soaring through the skies. And 20 is the amount of starting life. Demigod of Revenge, prepare to be (ab)used.

EDIT: Scrap Dread Return, gief stuff like Revive the Fallen and Gravekeeper.

El Rawr, My return to blogging.

So, erm.... yeah. My other blog, DAVE Gaming, isn't going anywhere, so I am returning to this blog, but it shall be revised. So... Instead of World of Warcraft (My Shaman is now on my little brother's account. Well, little... He is only a year younger) you'll see a lot of Magic: The Gathering. Nothing advanced, just simple, basic and understandable. No rocket science, but instead trying to explain the game. No advanced deck tactics, but beginner stuff and silly things like this.

The blog will have a name and background change, but I'll be happier with it (and this time I still have my old content).