Saturday, 5 July 2008

Achieving: TF2, Pyro Edition... Part III

Okay, the third part of the guide, explaining how I got me my Axtinguisher. The first 2 parts are easy, you got a choice which achievements you want to get first. As you progress however, the choices become more limited. There can only be so much grind-able achievements in one pack.

Pilot Light - Ignite a rocket-jumping soldier while he is mid-air.
As usual, there are 2 ways to do this one. The easy one, using a friend, which is obvious or the hard(er) one. Find an enemy soldier and depending on his skill level, there are many ways to get it. Either ambush the soldier on places where he uses rocket jump alot. Think of the sniper balconies in 2fort or something. Or, if he is a total nubcake, he will try to use it in close range. Before you ask, I've seen it happen before. I have seen a pyro just spamming his flamethrower at a soldier, who fired his rocket at the ground accidentally, earning the pyro his achievement. But I used a friend.

Dance Dance Immolation - Kill 3 enemies while they are taunting.
Har har. If only puns made achievements easier, but then they wouldn't be achievements anymore. It seems that all achievement titles are meant to be witty and punny. With the exeption of Forza2 ofcourse. But let's get to the point. On one side, it's easy to get. On the other, it takes a while. I managed to kill 2, mostly medics and pyro's who were trying to get their achievement. You can't really hunt for this one, you just have to be lucky. I had a friend helping me with the axestreak achievements and he taunted, filling the last kill.

Hot Shot - Kill a soldier with a reflected critical rocket.
Reflected CRITICAL rocket. That is all I can say. Just joking. Have fun, play some tennis using your flamethrower or get a friend to help. Not much to say so enjoy this video:

TF2 Rocket Tennis from Imran Maq on Vimeo.

Hot Potato - Reflect 100 projectiles with your compressed air blast.
I haven't got this one (yet), because once I got my Backburner, I couldn't be assed to use the normal one. However, I am on about 75/100 returns. How? Play rocket tennis or play CP maps with a demoman in the other team. Then treat control points like a busy road. Look left. Look right. Look out for dangers. Use your compressed air blast to remove them. If it's a Fiat Panda or a sticky bomb, you should be able to send it flying, netting you about 4-5 points for the achievement.

Milestone 1 - Achieve 10 of the achievements in the Pyro pack.
Funnily enough, the achievement counts! How to get it is found in part one of this guide.

Milestone 2 - Achieve 16 of the achievements in the Pyro pack.
Same as with Milestone 1, but then part two.

Now you should have your mean looking axe. The last part will be the remaining 16 achievements with tips and tricks, containing the hardest or most boring achievements. I suggest you bring a friend.

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