Monday, 28 July 2008

The Meta Knights (+UI screenshots)

So, me and my little brother are embarking on an adventure which is bound to go wrong. We are going to do Arena in the 2v2 bracket. My little brother gets stressed easily and I get annoyed easily then people don't do what they're told. Which makes a nice combination. We will have to work together for this, but we have one advantage, our voice chat has no lag, since we'll be using the RL one. We have our computers in the same room for now.
Anyways, the unveiling of our team name:
The Meta Knights
I can hear you think, there is only one Meta Knight, isn't there? The Meta Knights are actually Meta Knight's elite team, which also gets wiped out easily by Kirby. There are 4 types, Axe, Javelin, Mace and Trident Knight (all to the right), more often called Meta Axe, Meta Javelin and so on. The other idea was "Better than a Prius", but that would mean that we needed only Hybrids. Now we can take w/e we need. but why the name? Well, I'm a big fan of the Kirby games, my favorite character in SSB:Brawl is Meta Knight and I even have a Kirby UI in WoW. Which I promised to post for a while now, but I'm not statisfied with the bottom panel. Using eePanels2, cyCircled, Bongos and Grid, I managed to make an UI that I like. It looks even better on my Paladin, so that's another plus.

EDIT: We also played 2 matches already. Problem is that my little brother has the crappiest computer ever. The first match was between us and a hunter rogue combo. Needless to say, I got stunlocked and died before my bro got his cyclone on the rogue. The second match was better, we survived against a rogue and a druid, but we died because I couldn't heal my bro. I had the rogue targeted to Frost Shock him, but needed to heal. I use Auto Self Cast, which is useful in PvE and solo, but not in PvP. We lost alot of rating already, but we're learning. Too bad I only have Enhancement PvP gear and that my brother only has one feral and one healing piece.

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