Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I saw this one in my RSS-reader this morning and I laughed alot at the subscript, being "WoW is more true to life than you realize." I've played a Hunter in the past and it's so true >.<
Even though TPS isn't MacHall (well, it actually is, since it's made by the same people, but meh), it's still funny.

But pathfinding is apparent in many games, like in GTA4 for example, when all the enemies follow the same path to you, making them easy to snipe, or the way companions were done in Morrowind (meh, you're better off alone).

When I was a Hunter, me and my party went to Stromguarde, when it was still elite territory. We jumped down the castle to save us time. I only forgot to dismiss my pet first, who came running to us via the castle interior, bringing along all of the enemies on it's path. Epic fail. Atleast I now usually remember to dismiss my pets.

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