Monday, 21 July 2008

I give up

I've been talking about a guild that has some *ahem* minor issues with the way their guild works, or rather, the guild sans officers has that problem. Well, some of the officers don't like the way it goes and I've seen applications from that guild to Phoenix Legion already. Now that the top Horde guild, Obsidia is dead and with rumors of the one guild that I hate leaving aswell, it's getting awfully quiet here. so basically, I tried to help the problematic guild, because it has my little brother in it and they are nice people, of which I have even had some in my own guild a few years back.

Anyway, I contacted the highest ranking officer of their guild, who's also the Guild Master's girlfriend. Initially, I just wanted to lead raids for them, so they can get raids going well for once. I can lead KZ, Gruul and Maggy for them on my main and I can do even higher on my little brother's character, due to my own raiding. As I talked to her, se seemed happy that I could help them out, but she needed to discuss it with the guild leader first. As I closed the conversation, I said that their lootsystem wasn't exactly the best.

So she asked me, that if I had a better solution, I should post it on their forums or just send a mail. They can't figure it out, but they didn't want a DKP system and that the "system" that they have now is the one that they agreed on. I said that the people that like their system are the people that want free epics. The reply was that they fixed that and that only the Tier 4 sets were for free (how the fuck can you fix something that doesn't exist?). Again, she stressed that she doesn't want DKP.

DKP can be a very cumbersome system, I remember that it took 6 hours for 2 officers in PL to process one 40-man raid. So if you are lazy, get another type, a simplified version or something.
I asked if I was correct when I say that they don't want any type of system that works on raid attendance. And I was correct. The only thing that can salvage their dreams of actually getting somewhere is structure. They don't want that, so I wished them good luck with the downfall of their guild. Litterally.

"We are a casual raid guild and if we implement a system like that then we become hardcore and we don't want that and now people can sign when they like." Okay. Grow a brain. Or take a look around the guild. I said that I could get into an argument about how wrong they are, but that I didn't feel like doing so. "Not that they else get no loot if they don't raid often." - .- No, the regulars wanting loot so they can actually get the guild somewhere have to be neglected then. Greenies are the future. Apparently. I replied saying that the people that do raid don't get anyhing either.

"We don't have it wrong and the people that don't like it this way will leave to another guild and this has been discussed over and over again on the forums etc. etc." Then she went on that the people that raid often do get people that are well geared to do the more difficult ones and that DKP wouldn't be fair in their guild structure. At this point I didn't feel like talking to a hysterical nut anymore. It's like trying to discuss wether god exists with a christian. I said that I'd talk it over with the actual guild leader. The reply was that the talk would be even shorter and that he didn't want DKP either.

I asked wether she could follow links from ingame. After being asked why I said that I posted something about their lootsystem on this blog. I got a rather harsh reply stating that she didn't read blogs and she pointed out that anyone that didn't want the discussed rules that they should leave. Do you want your members to leave?

Me: This talk is over, good luck with your guild. I'm only trying to help.
Her: This is meant to be a game, nobody gets paid to raid and DKP is a system that turns the game into work.
Me: Have a nice day.
Her: Our gouls are to play relaxed, our goals aren't those of a raiding guild. I know that you are trying to help, but our goals are different. And as such, is our lootsystem. That cannot be discussed.
Me: Indeed. Something that doesn't exist (the system) cannot be discussed.
Her: We have a system that works for us. And it has been discussed with all of the members.
Me: This talk ends here. I have someone nearby that would like to say alot about this issue and I wish you good luck with your guild. I give up.(this is me trying to remain polite)
Her: That's why you aren't in our guild, in your guild rules do work. Oh, and same to your guild.

Grow. A. Goddamn. Brain. If you are a casual guild, why do people need to apply? If you are a casual guild, why is ther drama about raids? why do officers get upset when people leave? If it's about fun, why do you systemmatically leave out people from raids? When this guild dies, I tried to help and I prediect that it won't last long. I know that there are alot of members that are going to leave. My little brother for one will be applying to Phoenix Legion. One of their mages will do so as well, they lost a warlock already. One officer wants to leave. It's beginning. I'll open up the crypt of dead Eonar guilds. I'll save you a spot between Virus and Method. Both bad guilds.

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