Sunday, 20 July 2008

Just My Luck

After a failed Zul'Aman attempt, which didn't get off to any start at all, due to the lack of a tank, plans were being made for a Karazhan run. Since I still needed to do my dailies, I asked if I could be Enhancement for that instead of Resto. That was no problem, so to KZ I went that night. After a record-breaking amount of items recieved (Shard of the Virtous, Pauldrons of the Solace-Giver, Boots of the Incorrupt, Cyclone Gloves, Emberspur Talisman, Cord of Nature's Sustenance and Light's Justice (imo, Light's Justice is a bit better, but hey, Ii'm not an expert theorycrafter.)) in a raid that lasted till almost 2 o'clock in the night, we actually still tried to get a Zul'Aman group together. At 2 in the morning/evening/twilight zone. Needless to say, we lacked a tank.

The next day, as I was doing my dailies, someone in my guild needed a healer for Heroic Old Hillsbrad. I could go, just needed to respec and I can use the badges. In theory, we had a good group consisting of a Shaman (me), a Mage (the guildie), two Hunters and a Tanking Druid. Lots of crowdcontrol, so it shouldn't be a problem. It went reasonably well until we actuall reached Thrall. We started the escort and started fighting the first group of mobs, just outside of the inner keep where Thrall was imprisoned.

One mob got sheeped, two mobs got freezed and the rest was tanked. I kept spam-healing with Healing Wave to keep the tank up, until I saw my own health go down. I generated enough healing aggro to pull a mob off the tank, even with the Healing Grace talent. I died. Once the dust had settled, I used my ankh to get up. We tried again. Exactly the same result, just with us running in again. And we tried again, this time we did it! Only I had to use my ankh mid-fight to keep the tank up. After the combat, I was out of mana and needed to drink. As I was drinking, the tank started on the next group and I saw his health go down fast.

I got up with about 90% mana and tried to heal him. Alas, Nature's Swiftness was on it's 3 minute cooldown and he died as I tried to get a heal in. Wipe. After running back to Thrall, the next 2 tries went like the first 2. One to add to the list is: Reincarnation is on a 60 minute cooldown, 40 minutes if specced for it, if it wasn't there already. One of the hunters had to go, so we replaced him with a hunter from our guild. After 2 more identical wipes, the other hunter and the tank called it aswell. We managed to replace the hunter with a shadow priest from our guild, but we didn't manage to get a tank.

After a lucky KZ run, I must have used up my luck for this week.
Going to try to do my dailies as Resto now, I've been respeccing so much lately that the cost went from 15g to 45g in the last few days. I need a good twohander, trying to hurt things with a 1h and a shield doesn't work that well. I'll trade the actual shield for one that heals well and leaves me a free hand to use. In other news, We have Super Smash Brothers: Melee now, more on that later.

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