Thursday, 17 July 2008

Why I play WoW

Again, a Blog Azeroth topic, this time a recent one, with the subject being: "why do we play WoW?".
Personally, I like raiding, I like the actual game, but it's not what attracts me or keeps me into WoW. I couldn't care less about PvP aswell. What I like about WoW are the friends I have made in it.

I have been on the Eonar (EU) server since 3 days after it was made. I had my own guild there, which is a good way to get to know people, but most of my friends are met through the guilds I had after it. Friends are what keep and kept me playing, the fun you have with them is what I like about it.
Okay, shiny loots are nice to get, instances are fun to see, PvP premades with friends can be fun, but it all doesn't beat the Ventrilo chats during raids, the many lol's from it. And this is why I, especially in the void between TBC and WotLK, want to play again, to help my guild through a rough patch. Last time around, the void almost killed the guild.

Mooby, Frigga and Tari, if you read this: Get back to Eonar ASAP!... I miss you.

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