Thursday, 10 July 2008

My WoW top 10

After browsing through the Shared Topics section over at Blog Azeroth, I found a nice and relatively recent topic being The Top 10 WoW Memories. Although I'm a bit late to jump on the bandwagon, i'm still doing so. I've been playing WoW for over 2 years now, so there is a lot of material to sift through.

10: Hitting level 60. After goofing around for a long while, trying to level and unlocking content along the way. Hitting 60 meant for me that I could begin the end-game, back in the days. I still like MC and such, atleast when done with the right people.

9: Ditching Restoration and picking up Enhancement. After raiding for 10 months as a healer, with it's highs and lows, just after a big low, I decided that I went DPS. After all: "Healing wins the game, DPS wins the fame." After not being able to do any PvE without assistance (well, normal mobs are doable, just long grinds and such were terrible), being able to take down everything that I couldn't before, being able to do something in PvP was liberating.

8: Hitting level 70! I managed to do 60-70 as Resto, soloing most of the quests along the way. Even though I wasn't the fastest leveler (I came in 5th of my guild, if I recall correctly) I was still in time for a GMOTD congratulation. Level 70 was even better than 60. It was new, big! All the content was meant for 70 and I loved it!

7: Joining Phoenix Legion. Casual and hardcore at the same time. Feared by the NPC-alliance. And an awesome group of nice people. Used to be the number 2 guild in pre-TBC. Just under Sanctus, which doesn't exist anymore and just above Discordia (also very nice people, although raiding co-op with them is not for me), which is also extinct. Just about the longest existing guild on Eonar, Horde side.

6: Finally downing Prince Malchezaar after he lucked out on us everytime. Since then, he was on farm. We were so damn unlucky on the infernals.

5: Having sung "The Ultimate Showdown" via TeamSpeak. Even though it's the most embarresing thing I've done. I'm happy I don't have to hear it myself.

4: The fact that number 5 is still known throughout the guild. I now use it as a threat.

3: This is a sensitive one, not for me or my guild, but... For the person in question. Even now (it happened in Molten Core) we still laugh about it. He was a warrior and joined us for MC. Once we got to the first boss, Lucifron, we buffed up and started the fight. Halfway into the fight we notice imps in the battle! IMPS! the yare supposed to be in the tunnels. Once we were all dead, the question was: What happened? The warrior pulled the imps during the fight, because "he needed the rep". For the record: Hydraxian Waterlords have no rep items, just a quest to unlock Ragnaros, but you only need 10 of those people. In short, it's useless.

As we were busy getting rezzed, buffing up, we got imp aggro again! He pulled the mobs again. Later he needed to repair, just as we dropped a repair bot, he had hearthstoned to Org to repair. He still claims that a friend was playing that night. Later he became the Warrior CL of the paid transfer zerg guild that was created about that time, which didn't last long due to drama and more drama (people claimed that it was good. It wasn't, it could just zerg with transferred T3 characters.). Later in Outland, I encountered him and asked him jokingly if he has any imps with him. I was put on his ignore list after he yelled at me that it was his friend. TBH, if it was his friend, he could laugh about it. Apparently not.

2: Being reunited with my friends after the big disband. Especially because that was a low point in my WoW time, it was a big morale booster. Also for the guild, after the guild was rebuilt, we went through the content faster than before.

1: Slaying Ragnaros! Such a milestone and I was happy to be there on the first kill.

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