Monday, 7 July 2008

Trying to get back into WoW

I'm going to get back into WoW soon, but alas, when I quitted WoW, I forgot to remove the subscription. So when my subscription ended, they placed a new 6-month one. Now it has a charge back, meaning that it's locked until I pay the subscription. That's 66 euro's. My little brother was going to pay for me, since he could get my Shaman on his account after the game time ended, but 66 euro's is a tad much. I'm going to have to pay half of it.

But here is the catch: I want to buy me a reasonable television for my Xbox. I now have a Pal-50 15-inch CRT TV, playing perpetually on widescreen when playing the Xbox (it actually looks better than with no widescreen), whilst it isn't one. I want a shiny, big and flat one, but that'll cost me.

That, and my gaming addictions, varying from cheap (a pack of M:tG cards once in a while) to expensive ( the newest games), will leave me broke.

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