Friday, 18 July 2008

Transform and... Roll Out?

Finally got to play with my Shaman again and after owning poor helpless mobs with my shiny purple Enhancement gear and skills, I got asked if I wanted to heal normal Steamvaults. Sure, seeing as I was back in the guild as Resto anyway. After going to Org for a quick respec (Oh, dear Enhancement Spec, I shall miss thee) and speccing 61 points in Resto, I got summoned to Coilfang Reservoir. Although I'm still a bit rusty, despite the fact that I got over 10 months of raids as healer on my name, no one but me died (first boss hurricane :( ) and they thought I was awesome.

Okay, Apparently I haven't lost it. Which is a nice thing. The thing I hate about having to heal is that my Healing gear isn't made of pure win. It's kind of made out of magical cardboard and ducktape. And it looks that way. My main hand looks ugly, not to mention the cowl. Just watch, the before and after:
I've transformed, but... Do I even want to roll in this? Meh, Heroic Shattered Halls now, hopefully one step closer to my Champion of the Naaru title.

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