Thursday, 10 July 2008


My little brother is going Resto so he can get a better guild, but you need proper gear to get one. So he specced his druid to Mooncloth Tailoring, as opposed to the Spellcloth he used as Balance. After making himself a nice belt, he saw that he needed a new helm. He came up with the idea to get the S2 helm.

"Yeah, it's just 12.5k honor and some marks, and I already have the marks. So he set off to grind it (on my PC, as his PC isn't built for anything but PvE, 1 fps... seriously.). He went to check out the helm in Org before he had the points, he was in the queue and he just wanted to drool. I notice that it costs 14,5k, but meh, he'll find out soon enough.

I was playing GTA4 online and played some GRID online, until he said that he had enough honor. He went to Org and there he found out that he needed 2k more. If I wanted to do so for him, was the question. I suck at playing Druid, because I don't know the class at 70, but still, he's my brother and I can use that as leverage to get my grinding done later.

A few AV's and one EOTS later (for the mark hand-in quest), he finally got his helm. After I checked his druid out in his healing gear, I noticed something: He has no healing shoulders. Luckily he isn't in a hurry to leave his current guild, as the Guild Leader is on a holiday and he isn't one of those stealth /gquit-ters, so he'll wait till he is back. Plenty of time for him to make some shoulders.

But it reminded me that I have some things to do on my shaman:
  • Finally get my epic flying mount
  • Get me a Netherdrake
  • Complete the SSO quests and get me a nice title and tabard.
  • Complete the Champion of the Naaru quests
  • Find out what to do for the Hand of A'dal title and get that aswell.
Grinding isn't my hobby.

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