Sunday, 13 July 2008

Obunaji @ Zandvoort

This weekend was the DTM (Deutsche Tourwagen Masters) weekend over at Zandvoort, as all fans know. For the ones that aren't as familiar with the concept: It's Audi vs. Mercedes racing using 1 of their models. Audi uses the A4 and I don't care about Mercedes. I was all exited, since I love Audi (well, their sportscars) and last year was a blast. It started well: As we entered the circuit grounds, we got some nice swag. A red Audi cap and an Audi Sports t-shirt. and I even managed to get it signed at an autograph session by Oliver Jarvin. Didn't know who he was, he just seemed the nicer one.

The races were fun, they started the day with Formula 3 racing (fun to watch in RL, ghastly to play in GRID) and then the actual DTM began. Ralf schumacher started in last place and Christian Albers somewhere in the middle. Didn't matter for him, as he crashed his car in the 2nd lap. Maybe he thought that he would get a shiny new 2008 A4 instead of the 2006 one if he totaled it. Nice race, even though half of the Audi's fell out, it was an Audi-party with Audi on all the podium places.

Meh, I had a nice day. Just need to hang that new poster somewhere... WoW posts coming again tomorrow.

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