Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Finally time to write something, I've been in instance after instance since my last post. First Black Temple on Monday, which was my first BT raid ever. Slain Naj'entus and Supremus, even without knowing too much detail of either fight. Naj'entus dropped a sweet healing helm for me, but since I just started again, my raid points weren't high enough to win it over another shaman. Meh, my Watcher's Cowl is shiny anyway. Quincey did feel the need to point out the fact that I use pre-kara blues in BT though. Once we were done at about midnight, we started a Zul'Aman raid, which ended at 4 in the morning. My first Malacrass kill aswell, but no new gear, only plate drops. Luckily I didn't have to work the next day.

Since I wasn't geared for healing and got most of my gear just a few days ago, people asking me questions such as why I don't have a 2nd healing trinket was inevitable. The person asking me that question in ZA was very puzzled when I told him that I only had one because I was Enhancement, heavily. Like Netherbane and Claw of the Phoenix heavy. The guild master came to my aid, explaining the situation, being that I was t5 geared, but that I loved the guild too much. So much that I would even go Resto to play with them again. Luckily everyone knows that healing is just temporarely, until an Enhancement position opens up. Don't get me wrong, I do dedicate myself to the healing bit now.

On tuesday, I woke up after barely 4 hours of sleep and immeadiatly I got asked if I could work. When you expect a day off and anticipate on that, you're not amused with such a question. they wanted me to work from half 1 till 6. Not that they like to make such calls, but one of the cashier's was sick and they needed a replacement (I work in a supermarket). In the end, I agreed on working from 3 to 6. And then BT part 2. We killed Shade of Akama, again a first for me, but not for the guild. And then Teron Gorefiend. I had no idea whatsoever to expect. I was told there was a minigame, but I couldn't find it and I only got one try on it while we were getting ready and buffed up. Thank DAVE that I wasn't chosen by Teron to play with constructs. We didn't get him down.

After BT, we continued on the ZA run of monday, since we only had Zul'jin left. Which was also a first. I got some nice boots and had another first kill for me. Again, it got late, we ended at 2 in the morning. I'm living on energy drink since sunday.

I was supposed to work today, but I was given today off by my boss, because I wouldn't have a single day off this week otherwise. Which gave me time to work on my Kirby UI, made with eePanels2. It's still not what I want, I wanted to make a classic looking SNES-styled UI, but I can't find any good screenshots and I can't be assed to take the illegal way. I''ll post screens later.

You can blame my sleep depriviation for the lack of concistency. Having to pay attention will 4 in the morning, getting up relatively early and living on energy drink doesn't do my focus any good. Maybe Karazhan tonight. Hoping that it doesn't take till 2 to clear it (mental note: don't allow the raid leader to consume alcohol).

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