Sunday, 27 July 2008

Karazhan, my fave PuG... Not.

Okay, it's Saturday, a full week of playing is behind me. I've finally seen Mount Hyjal and even got some loot to bring home (and a pug'ed warrior friend of mine got some aswell). And I've been playing with my Pally, together with my little brother on his Mage, which actually was fun to do. Lots and lots of AoE damage... Well, most from him ofcourse, but still.

But I've also went on a PuG Karazhan run. I didn't want to go, but a guildie asked if I could come, sonce they needed a healer. It took about 30 minutes before they managed to find the second tank. The main tank was someone that was looking for a guild in the trade channel earlier, with a very subtle and modest "3/5 T5 tank looking for guild, was in ". The rest were random people, with the exeption of a Balance Druid from my guild and I also knew some of them from before I took my break (just vaguely).

So we wait in the gatehouse of KZ and almost immeadiatly the MT says: "a shaman with [Light's Justice] thats a new one". Nice. I know what kind of person is this. Someone like me, who sometimes feels that he is a bit better than the rest, but with the snide comments. I don't like the kind with snide comments. The last time I left a guild over that, because that priest was mean to everyone on a daily basis. I replied that if he thought that I am a noob, that he should think again. "nope, u noob, i pro" was the answer.

So with the tone set, we started on the Attumen trash, which was going really slow. DPS was lacking. Attumen died, but we managed to wipe on Moroes trash. Meanwhile, the MT was complaing all the time about some music that was playing. Some vague and strange Swedish song, which cracked up the other 7 members. Me and a hunter didn't have a clue as to what they were on about. After dying again on Maiden trash, because the t5 tank can't keep aggro, the guildie left. Apparently he was sick and he had just thrown up in the toilet, so he had to go. I'm still not sure if he was fed up with the group, with the oh so annoying MT who couldn't stop about the musics, or that he was actually sick.

The other healer was offline. And stayed offline after Moroes. So they got a replacement, who was another shaman. The first thing he asked was: "who do I heal". Karazhan is a mere 10 man. Which means that you don't need to use designated healing. It isn't a 40 man raid like Molten Core (good times <3), but that you need to think for yourself. He couldn't appreciate that I assumed that his brain worked and that he should decide who, what and when he should heal. Especially since he had some Zul'Aman epics.

So after I got ressed, I found out why the annoying MT didn't turn his sound off or closed his browser. Apparently he was on some Teamspeak server, what was obviously more important than the KZ run. Random, non raiding, chatter on VoIP is the number one priority ofcourse. Finally, after whining for the entire raid, he turned his sound off. I had to work the next day and I couldn't take it anymore. I mean, a t5 (well, the equivalent of it on some places) Shaman wiping on Moroes trash? Last time I wiped there was when KZ actually was a raid, not the 10-man instance it has become now, just like UBRS became a mere PuG. Instead of just ripping the wireless adapter from the side of my laptop, cutting the internet off, I went honest. I told them that I needed to leave at 11 o'clock, because I needed to work.

The raid wasn't led by the sharpest tool in the shed. There is a certain group in KZ, in Maiden's hallway, which consists of 2 Sentries. Easy. On the opposite side there are 4 demons. Usually, we take both groups out. Can you feel it coming? They only took the sentries out and we were supposed to run past. Okay, hug the wall... carefully... don't aggro... sneak behind the lion statue... Damn. I'm stuck. Let's jump past. Still stuck. trying more, trying more, oh shi- overshot. Cue me jumping right into the aggro range, wiping the raid.

In my defense, I'm not a professional walljumper, nor am I usually in a raid with people that use the least obvious, most likely to pull aggro routes. When I do a guild run, we clear both groups and move on, withing the same timeframe as the noob group. everyone was blaming me, claiming that I'm the total idiot for pulling the group etc. etc. Well excuse me that I actually do know how to do the instance how it was intended to and that I don't use shortcuts. I had it with the group and it was 22:45 so I thought, let's leave. I've had it.

So I stated that I left and the entire raid was as if they saw water burn. Especially the MT. I said that I was going to leave at 23:00, and seeing as the raid consisted of not the quickest people, I couldn't do much in those 15 mins. So I just left, didn't feel like taking more bitching from them.

I'm not pugging Kara again.

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Raeks said...

Dont feel sad about it, was a long night for everyone. Think we finished at about 3am server time with a lot more wipes etc....

Pugs are sad in kara always have been always will be. As for the lights justice cracked me up big style.

Signed ... Raeks (alts Abbia + SarahSiddle)