Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Priviliged to Witness

I was a guildleader once. It was long ago, when Outland didn't exist, ZG,AQ and Naxx weren't there yet. PvP was still fun. It was a good time.

I used to play a Tauren Hunter on Thunderhorn (EU) as mentioned before in posts, who went by the same name as my Shaman. It was named Cryo~n, not Cry~on. It was level 43 until I lost it in a tragic hacking about a year ago. It was the first character that I had, not counting the failiures I had leveled to level 5 and then got bored. I leveled it till about level 35 and then I discovered the battlegrounds. WSG specifically. WSG was my favorite form of PvP at that time and I didn't level anymore, I just went to WSG. There I met a Warrior. We PvP'ed together until we actually got the status of celebrity in our 30-29 bracket. This was before battlegroups so it's not that hard.

One day, me and him decided to make a guild. We called it the "Honored Warlords of Battlegrounds" or HWoBG for short. After recruiting in our WSG matches, we got quite a number of players, most of them casual, but we had fun. I lead the guild as the second in command, but with the warrior gone most of the time, I was the one really leading it. Everyone knew that. As the guild grew, more officers were positioned below me. We started to do raids on Darkshore as if they were instances. Great fun, I was in the top 1000 PvP'ers at level 35, at about place 600.

Until that dark day. And this is where this blog post's title kicks in. Priviliged to Witness is a song by Scooter, a German techno/trance group and about my favorite artist. Everytime I hear this song, I remember this day or, what happened afterwards actually.

One of my officers wanted to talk to me, but didn't want to do so by whispering, but in a party. I joined and there were the other officers too. And the warrior that "led" the guild. They were singing praises, about how good my guild leading was, that I was a nice guy and so on. Only to soften the blow. They said: "We're going to another server and you can't come. Oh yeah, we're taking half the guild." I still know the names of those characters. Still with this knife in my back, the warrior suggested that we move to another server too. We went to the same server, but instead of going Horde, we went Alliance.

Meet Cryona (how original), my level 16 Night Elf Rogue, who was also deleted and unable to be recovered in the same hacking. The hacking is a different story and as such, another post. We set up a new guild there, named the "Honored Elite Knights" (again, he chose the name >.<). This didn;t get off the ground so well, as the warrior got aggro from his parents, because he played too much. I can't play alliance, too boring. So the guild died.

I took a long break from WoW. Only to contact the same warrior again to make a guild on Eonar. The server that I call my home now.

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