Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Yay! M:tG again (also with some WoW)!

So, first a bit of WoW and then some M:tG. I've finally seen Archimonde, I have 45 badges to go (as I write I'm also getting ready for a ZA run... which will last till maintenance starts) till a sweet healing mace. I have been instructed to cast more than 1000 (that is a thousand) chain heals next raid, I'd better get an achievement for it :P. I'm just hoping that my CL isn't going crazy because of me already.

So on to Magic: the Gathering. I've ordered in 61,50 euros worth of cards via the internet for a tournament next week. nothing big, nothing grand, just a Gateway tournament. Gateway is for beginning players, by the way. I know the rules very well and as such I am the referee for my Magic-group, but I'm not a terribly good player. But there are two things that bother me:

1: Will I get my deck set up properly before next tuesday? Will it work properly? My best spells cost 5 mana, which also is the highest mana cost in my deck.

2: Will I have to play against "the Infidel"? We have an unwritten rule at both our Magic-group and the gaming store where we play, which is that you respect each other, play nice and don't ruin each other's fun. "The Infidel" broke that rule, hard. I was playing against him and he played a Drove of Elves. He immeadiatly claimed that it would be an immense 8/8 creature, due to his Forests (Drove of Elves gets +1/+1 for each green pernament). Problem is that the basic lands are colorless. I knew that, because the developers actually stated that Swamps are colorless (they were talking about Drove of Elves and it's cycle), so I knew that Forests were colorless aswell. So I said to him that Forests were colorless.

He actually got angry. He didn't believe me and went to the front of the shop, where the referee/shopkeeper was and after he came back, he claimed to be right. I still think he asked if Forests are permanents insteas of asking if they are green, or even didn't ask anything at all. He still claimed he was right, so I went to look it up on the shopkeep's laptop, since he was busy. I remember reading it in the explaining of Shadowmoor's mechanics (which was the new set at the time), so I went there to look it up. I returned and wanted to show him, but he said that it was alright and everything. I also got told by my friends (we were with a group of 6 or 7) that he had been yelling that I don't know the rules, etc., when he got told by everyone, even the ones that I didn't know that he should stop and that I do know the rules and that he was wrong. Since then I don't like the guy, for trying to cheat me and then being snide about it when it fails.

But, you might think that I don't want to play against him. Infact, I do want to. My new deck works in a way that he might not even know that you can win that way. My new deck is designed to take out your deck before you even draw the cards. By using cards like Traumatize (can you guess the bulk of the 60 euro order now?), Memory Sluice (usually 8-12cards if done correctly), Drowner Initiate (2 cards on each blue spell) and Scalpelexis (which can go on and on aslong as there are 2 identically named cards. 2 mountains are the same...), aided by counterspells and bounce spells. My friends fear the deck, even if they win. Playing against it is totally unpredictable, because it depends on what I pull and play. On the other hand, bouncing and counterspelling correctly is an art aswell. But... it isn't finished yet, as the rest of my cards still need to arrive. I just want to beat him like this, because I'm certain he will whine about it.

Even a friend of the little brother of a friend can use a lesson once in a while. Maybe it'll teach him to play nice.

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