Sunday, 27 July 2008

A cardboard terrace

I work at a supermarket, it's a job, I make money with it, so meh. So I often see things that you wouldn't see everyday, both in costumers and what we sell. Often I wonder, who the h3ll made this up? I've seen all sorts of strange things, like the homebrand of our store's coffee on sale one week and the really expensive one the next. It makes me wonder, do you even sell something that week? I mean, I've seen people taking enough to last them atleast a month. But the one thing that puzzles me the most are the cardboard boxes.

Some people think that it's just a box and in many cases it is. But from some companies, they send us the craziest boxes. Paturain has one of those boxes. Instead of a normal box, it's made of flimsy cardboard. And it tells you to pull this flappy up and then these 2 to the sides an- Damn. All of the stuff lies everywhere. That happens once. Then you've learned to just rip through the box, instead of following the instructions.

Magister's Terrace is one of those boxes. Each boss is a smaller version of an earlier/endgame boss, like Curator or Warlord Kalitresh. And as such, they have similar tactics. The tactics can be seen as the instructions. You wipe once on them and then you realise that you can also nuke everything just as easily, like ripping through a cardboard box. Which makes me wonder, is this how Blizzard designed it?

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