Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Guitar Heroism

A few weeks ago, my brother bought Guitar Hero III. One of the problems was: For which platform? My little brother is someone that doesn't care about the financial and/or practical sides. So he bought it for the Wii. While we have a Xbox 360. Idiot.

So we have the following:
No DLC. No Achievements. Inferior Graphics. Nice.

Funny part is that I own him in GH3, while I hardly play it.
Again, this has 2 sides: I'm not allowed to play anymore, because I own him. And he asks me to do songs that he can't do himself.

Anyway, that's not the point. Yesterday, we went the the mall and got us some goodies. He got himself a Creative Zen Stone, since his old 15-euro mp3-player broke. I got me some Microsoft Points to buy On The Precipice of Darkness: Episode 1. He also bought Puzzle Quest for the Wii, for a whopping 50 euros. Ofcourse, the XBLA version is 1200 points. 2100 points are 25 euros. You do the math.

Then he got angry at me when I said that he should trade it in and buy the points, so he can play it on the Xbox, cheaper. At this point I couldn't care less anymore, since I wanted to save him money, while he thinks I'm being Pro-Xbox again.

About 15 minutes later, he comes into my room saying:
"It's hard to admit, but... It's terrible on the Wii, my arm hurts and it's impossible to select the gem you want."
He went back to trade it in, and came back with a speaker set for his Zen Stone and DoA:Extreme 2... A terrible Xbox game.

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