Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Orb of Insight

The Orb of Insight is back on magicthegathering.com for the upcoming set, Eventide. Although it has been there for a few days now, I couldn't use it till now. The thing loads normally, it works, but it didn't show a special code. So the anti-spam screwed it up.
The Orb of Insight tells you how many cards use the phrase you enter. For example: You enter sorcery, you get the number 23. This means that there are 23 cards with the word sorcery on it. this can be in the card type box, name or text box.

So, some numbers:

Sorcery: 23
Instant: 21
Artifact: 12

Changeling: 0
Dragon: 0
Goblin: 7
Merfolk: 9
Kithkin: 16
Hag(one of the new types I found out from the preview pack): 12
Elf: 4
Scarecrow: 7
Beast: 6
Elemental: 24 (!)
Treefolk: 6

Rogue: 7
Warrior: 13
Wizard: 11

Wither: 13
Persist: 11

So, a set with alot of Elementals, very few Goblins and no Dragons.

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