Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Some things are not as hot as they seem initially

This weekend, the TF2 Pyro update was released, as I wrote before. Since the achievements weren't rolling fast, I tried out one of those "achievement servers". Chaos. The irony in such servers is that it's meant to get your achievements fast. However, if you go play on them, it's likely that the only achievement you'll get is "Die too often.", which is sad, because it isn't a real achievement and I can get it in normal servers too. No problem.

The map I was on had intel points, a control point, a swimming pool and a spawn. Not 2, but 1, resulting in spawn killing. As the red to blue ratio was a 2:1 one, the blues were being singed, burned to a crisp as they spawned. Everytime I could chop someone down (I was on Red) with my axe to get the Lumberjack achievement, I would get cut down myself by a stray Blu that had survived the initial hosing of petrol and fire.

I have to be honest. I grinded the Pilot Light, Hotshot and Dance Dance Immolation (har har) achievements, to get my ax. The rest are honestly ground on normal servers. I have to say though, that the Pyro achievements are easier to achieve than the Medic ones. The Medic has to rely alot on your teammates for the achievements. The Pyro... Well, you're the one that has to fry the foes. Atleast the Pyro is a class that doesn't throw the game too much of balance. I fear the day when Heavies get their patch.

P.S.: Firewatch image is epic. It captures the silliness and uberness of the Pyro class perfectly.

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