Sunday, 3 August 2008

Since my last real post, I've almost only worked, eaten and slept. Exept for Saturday evening, when a friend of mine invited us all to play Magic at his place. I got to test my new and improved "milling" deck. I won all of my matches, exept for one against one of the newer players. He claims that he got lucky, but I made some stupid mistakes, like casting a huge milling spell opposed to playing a creature for defense, which killed me. He had 14 cards left.

It's quite humorous though, to see the person sitting across the table getting more nervous as time passes. The entire group is scared of my deck, which isn't something new, as they get scared of strange things easily. Before this, they were scared of an infinite combo deck... Which was stupidly easy to counter. Tuesday, I'll have a good chance at winning the tournament, aslong as I don't fall asleep or get mana screwed. If I do well, I'll be going to the FNM with the same deck on thursday aswell.

I've finally gotten my mining back to level 325, which I neglected for a year, it's so boring. Yay!
Also, there is a scammer on Eonar, whispering guild officers with the "guild master's" fake bankalt, trying to empty the guildvaults. He tried that on our guild aswell. Problem is, he asked his girlfriend, he was sitting next to her and he was tanking Zul'Aman on his paladin at the time.
Also, goldspammers are taking on whispering people. Instead of just firing a selling spam, they start with "hello". So when a level 1 Blood Elf whispers me like that, the only response he gets is "no, I don't want to buy gold". If it was a player, he'd respond, but they remain silent.

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