Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Victory (sorta), broken computers and spamming

I've been playing my Rogue deck again, after a long time and I actually won 2 out of 4 rounds at the local FNM. Which is nice, considering that I have never won a round before, let alone with a deck of which I forget half the abilities (I have to stop forgetting to put counters on my creatures... +1/+1 ones are good. Very good).

And now some bad news: My little brother's computer is broken. This means that I cannot play arena matches with him, cannot level our alts together or do dailies together. He wasn't too worried when it comes to viruses, even when his computer composed several songs solely by the antivirus's BIOS driven soundeffects. His computer didn't want to start anything other than his wallpaper, task manager is unavailable. The easy solution is to reinstall Windows ofcourse. Problem is that his version has some legality issues and that he lost the CD. Problem two is that he is too lazy to fix it.

Also, I went to Hyjal yesterday, with a mission: Get 1000+ Chain Heal casts. A raid usually lasts 3 hours, but this was an extra raid, which lasted 2 hours. I managed to get 821 casts in, landed higher on the healing done, percentually less on the overhealing one (higher on absolute numbers though. But then again, I did more healing), so I'm satisfied. If it was a 3 hour one, I would have had around 1400 casts, so... I think I pulled it off. I've got a guest post to write now, so I'll stop here.

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