Sunday, 3 February 2008

Aliens, Predators, but no popcorn

I went to see AvP2 last night, since me and my friends are all fans of the franchise. We gathered at my place at around 16:00 and we had to catch the 16:30 train. We all rushed into the train, after waiting 10 minutes on the train. First ticket check. We got to Amsterdam CS (CS=Central Station), where we got hungry. We only has 20 mins to score us some food and one fo my friends was certain that there was a KFC nearby. Well, there is no KFC on A'Dam CS. No delicious chicken, so we went to the Burger King, land of the luke-warm shoesoles. We all got some food and went for the train (can't really rush there, sine I can't run). Second ticket check. Arriving at the Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA station, we were still hungry, but this time we had all the time in the world.

We were supposed to get the tickets at 19:00, and we were there at 18:10. I went in the cinema and saw the huge line to the counter. No way. Ya way, since Pathé ArenA has 14 movies playing in 14 different rooms, so yeah... Alot of people. Luckily you could get the tickets from an ATM too, bypassing the entire row. At 18:15 we had our tickets and our hunger. Luckily, at the station, conviently located just outside of the cinema, there was a Burger King. So we ate there again. We stayed there in the tiny fast food shack for 30 mins, "enjoying" our meals (Actually, the King Wings are quite good. Not KFC quality, but still).

Once we got inside, we got apprehended by some employees from Coca-Cola. They were making photos of people at their Happyness Factory background with polaroids. "Want a picture? It's free!", they asked. Us: "Sure." So we all got a picture (standing relatively stil lfor 6 photos is long) and they asked us which movie we were going to see. "Alien vs. Predator 2", a friend of mine replied. "Oh, that's a bad movie, I left in the break. The movie is just about that guy getting a girl, with aliens on the background. She died of kidney stones before the break though.", they said.

We were all well stuffed with burgers and soda, so we didn't bother with getting more soda and popcorn, assuming that we had a break somewhere in the middle. We sat down (free seating FTW) and watched the trailers for Rambo and 10.000 BC, which both appealed to us... Anyhow, we were watching the movie, but we weren't in some small town, we were in our capital. Which means that you get so see alot of oddities. Or idiots. Like we had. Everytime someone died in the movie, some girls on the 3rd row began to laugh uncontrollably. Luckily this ended before the real action started.

The following section contains spoilers, which are unavoidable when I go into detail what I liked about the movie. Which I will. Because I can.What I liked about the movie that, unlike what the minimum-wagers from Coca-Cola said, is that the fight between the Predator and the Alien is where it is about. Ofcourse, there are humans which you get some info about, others get some more. But, the humans are expandable. One of the main characters is killed just as fast as any other. No monologue of 3 hours before death, nothing. For example: Jess, one of the main characters, freaks out and runs off. As she runs past a T-section in the corridor, she gets nailed by the Predator's shuriken. Why? Because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Also, the movie doesn't mind dismemberment, gore or whatever. If someone gets killed, it is paired with the amount of blood it deserves. Which is alot. Aliens are ruthless and it shows.

Anyhow, after the movie ended (no break, so no popcorn :( ), we ate at the BK again, since we were hungry... again. We got back to A'dam CS, but not before the same conductor that we had on our way to the cinema had to see our tickets... again. This is the 3rd ticket check, usually, my tickets aren't checked. We were on CS again, and we weren;t hungry. No, I was thirsty, so we got ourselfs a drink. Ice tea for me, and other beverages for the rest of my party. As we wanted to walk the stairs to the platform, the security officer wanted to see our tickets. 4th check already, like WTF? I blame the baseball cap one of my friends was wearing.

We got on the train, got back at the station after another ticket check and went home. If I had an X-Box 360, I'd join 2 of my friends, who were going to play Gears of War on XBL at 00:30.

But we had no popcorn.


Tikita said...

Id play if I had a 360 too. Mines kinda boomed :(

Now to finally right my own blog.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Oh wow, this is the first time I've ran into a blogger that actually plays on a server I play on. Or well, used to play on. My first character ever is on Eonar EU! She's alliance though :/

BigBearButt said...

Heya, now that was a funny post...

but the spoiler shot was what had me rolling. that's awesome.

Phaelia said...

Oh ... haha. Spoiler. I get it!

I liked AVP2 okay, though I spent a lot of the movie hiding under my (and my husband's) coat. I was frustrated that so many scenes where the two creatures fought were filmed using the dark, rainy, shakey-cam so endemic of a low budget. Half the time I caught myself wondering why an Alien was attacking an Alien! ^_^