Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Okay, I haven't been posting as regularely as usual, I know, but that's just my lazyness. Last weekend I found out that my friends like Magic The Gathering, which is awesome, although almost all of my cards date from 2000-2002. Which is too old to use for tourneys and such. The nearest city, Hoorn, has a shop there where Friday Night Magic is played, for which they use the Standard rules (Only the newest sets, >=60 cards in deck). I would have preferred that they would use Vintage instead (all sets are allowed, >=60 cards in deck), so I could use my current deck. Although I am rusty, I should be able to get into it again if I play often enough with my friends.

I used to play it, started out with the Portal set (the starter set they had back then), but there was no one else that really played it, so I quit MTG, but didn't get rid of my cards. Other stuff like Yu-Gi-Oh! (>.< I hate that show) came by, but were infested by people that can't play. So they cheat. And ofcourse, when they play a card, the effects have to go ASAP, but when I play one, it has to be read 10 times. Lame. I'm a social gamer, so I really like this kind of stuff and the shop in Hoorn has stuff like Warhammer demos, which I would like to see someday. Yeah, I'm a total geek like that. I just hope it won't eat too much of my WoW time, I would have to make this blog a WoW/MTG/whatever blog then... Nah.

If all goes well, then next Friday we get together for some 3v3 MTG action (3-headed giant rules).

PvP and me.
A fellow blogger posted this as a comment on my view of the 2.4 patch notes:

"For the blue PvP stuff.
It was intended for PvE guys (and rerolls) who wants to have the minimum resilience needed to enter into the Arena competition with a chance to not being crush in the very beginning.

Sorry, but the "welfare" epics is not quick at all to have."
Okay. Apparently you don't get my point. I dislike PvP, so anything I say about that should be taken with a grain of salt saltmine. I like to poke at the PvPers, just like how I like to poke the people in trade chat. And to be honest: a few hours/days grinding is less work than having to gather 24 men/women/children to raid SSC/TK with you. Yes, KZ is welfare epix too to me. Arena, however, is no piece of cake if you wish to do Arena "professionally".


Dajay said...

After having reading much more of your blog, I get your point. Your Welfare definition all depend on your current level. If we take your definition, for my former guild (5/5 Hyjal - 6/9 BT) SSC/TK is *welfare* epics with the exception of KT/Vasjh. It's not even about the number of player in your party. KZ early 2007 wasn't welfare (Nightbane was just horrible at this time). ZA is not Welfare at all if you plan to do it in the timer.

It's all about how much you invest in a content. So subjective.

HolyWarrior said...

"After having reading much more of your blog, I get your point."


Noob said...

Magic the Gathering ftw!!! I haven't played magic for years now... but man i loved that game. I have the most killer red/green deck, but like you, most of my cards are prehistoric in comparison to most MTG players today... I'm taking unlimited series!

HolyWarrior said...

I have an idea for Raid Slacking. I have shared it with Backstab too!

Cowcontroll said...

Where are you??

MOAR Posting plx xD

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