Friday, 1 February 2008

The Eye, AvP2 and Halo

Last night we made some great progress. We cleared 3/4 of The Eye in one night, while we only slain Al'ar and Solarion once before. Which is great, it really is. And I even got me a new weapon... again! Al'ar dropped his talon for me. Which is great too, I'm all shiny now, I do more damage, so great. Nice and shiny. But... Yeah, ofcourse there is a downside.

We have another TK raid up for tonight, but not geared enough for Kael'Thas (I think), so it might be another night of wipes and the accompanying repair costs. I am never gong to get my epic flyer at this rate. But, there is another downside:

Can you guess it yet? No? Look around at the lovable Tauren Shaman on the page. Look closely. What is he wielding? Yep, Netherbane and Fury. Which is not Talon of Al'ar and Netherbane. And that is terrible. Well, terrible is a big word, but... I have to redo the background and header now, if I want to stay up to date.I know that it's a minor edit in CS2 (Photoshop, not Counter-Strike, CS stands for Creative Suite), just replace picture A on layer #3 with picture B. However, this is boring and I don't like to be bored. Then again I am lucky enough to have waited with an image at the bottom (also called a footer) and one for behind my xfire profile. Which would require me alot more editing. Also, Quinceh wants me to make him a background. k.

Anyhow, I'm going to see Alien vs. Predator 2 tomorrow with my friends. Unfortunatly, the nearest cinema where they play it is in Amsterdam, about 60km away. And we go by train, so we need to switch trains often. Joy. But I'm sure it will be worth it. I liked all of the movies and so do my friends, which means that it is very likely that we will enjoy ourselves. But one of my friends is still 15, and the movie is for 16 years and older. So I hope he won't get caught, or if he does, that they will wave it away, since he turns 16 next wednesday.

And I saw Halo 3 for the first time today at a friend's place. I like it alot, it's fun and pretty. And Forge mode rocks. It;s like Garry's Mod, but then in Halo. Stack up explosives and watch it explode. Preferably when someone is close enough to get killed.

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