Thursday, 31 January 2008

Top 10 of Raid Slacking: Number 9

The top 10 of raid slacking is a collaboration between me and Quincey, a guildie and a fellow blogger. We both have been in Phoenix Legion for a long time now, even before TBC. Since we both are melee (atleast now we are) we have seen our fair share of deaths and the accompaning downtime, resulting in, well, us having nothing to do. This is our top 10 for those moments and for when our guild leader takes his time on the tactics.

It is time for number 9. Nine. Neuf. Negen. Neun. 00001001 (That is 9 in binary). We Quincey already discussed the poker mod, so it is time for me to write one. The method that I am going to discuss is a simple one, requiring no add-ons or such. You still need a brain though.

Number 9 on our list is: Guild/General Chat.

Okay, it may sound simple and mundane... Or lame. Or boring. But it isn't! Atleast, if you have a fun guild, which you obviously have. My guild has some very unique, smart, witty and funny individuals, which creates some funny situations. Wether it's my guild leader with his puns, our Pally CL with very wrong thoughts or plain silliness, it's mostly good. We're all good friends.
Below is a snippet of our guild's silliness:And this is just during the day. In the evenings and during raids, it is total chaos from time to time. Especially since our funniest members are online then. Making lame jokes about nerfing warlocks is fun, but the ones you need a dozen of braincells for are even better. Like this one (click to enlarge):

This one is on number 8, since you might not have a guild/friends that are as funny as ours. And that's a shame.

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