Friday, 18 January 2008

I spoke too early.

Not only does my Nostromo n52 come in tomorrow, on my b-day exactly, but we didn't kill Al'ar either. Still, we got her down to 7% last night and as far as I know we are going to try again tonight. The flame patches are what kills us, because it is so hard to see whenne it's on the transparent part of the arena.

Still, my guild leader had a recipe for Phoenix wings:
"First, find and kill a phoenix. You may need some help on this one. Then add some seasoning, phoenixes are self-cooked. I heard they taste great with lemongrass and thyme."

My father is going sailing (he's in the navy) and he just (litterally, he called while I was writing) asked me if he could borrow my laptop. Is no problem, I'd love to lend it to him, but it's my only computer. If he asked me next year, I would have a desktop too and he could lend it for as long as he needs. And: no PC -> No WoW -> Unhappy me -> no blogging. But it really sucks that he doesn't have a temporary replacement for me to borrow during that time, so he could lend mine.

Also, I installed a sitemeter, which tracks the amount of visitors. I'm off to do my dailies now, so I might get my epic flying mount next december... I hope.

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