Sunday, 20 January 2008

"Can I has 1 g pl0x?"

When I just started on this server, the Eonar server EU, it was 3 days old. People levelled to 60 like they should, on their own power. Now... Well, I rather not be in Orgrimmar.

People come and beg, asking for money from people that didn't need to beg when they levelled. And then they simply won't take no for an answer. "Can you boost me?""1g pls" The amounts they sometimes ask for are insane. A lvl 5 asking for 10g so he can buy skills for example. Ofcourse, if they would just ask nicely and with proper grammar and spelling, it would be less annoying. Everything has to be abbreviated the wrong way, questions can't be typed out beyond "why?" and so on.

"why?" actually seems a form of advanced spelling with these people, since you usually get "y?". So, bad: "help me with q."
Good: "Could you help me with this quest, please? I've read the questlog, but I still can't figure it out."
I had the latter once, a shaman couldn't figure out the Call of Fire quest, but atleast he tried to ask politely. So I helped him.

But if I and many others could do without bothering and begging, why can't they? I personally have no idea what so ever.


Cowcontroll said...

When someone types "pls" or "plx" because its shorter than "please" i type "no" because its shorter than "yes"

Try writing theat next time someone uses th plx word:-P

gamedame said...

What I usually do is say, preferably out loud, "Earn it yourself, loser." And then I put them on /ignore.

Anonymous said...

when people open a trade window (without talking to me previously) and say "1g plz" i normally reply "no, earn it like everyone else" or atleast word to that effect. The other day i grew sick and tired of it, so i stuck in 1000g and waited til the idiot on this particular occasion grew tired of waiting for me to click trade.

i just laughed at the items he wanted to exchange (lesser healing potion), the guy was actually there for 5 minutes continuously clicking trade, and therefore making his side of the trade window flicker green for the entire 5 minutes o_O

i eventually got bored of being mean, and Astral Recalled outta there. I wouldn't suggest anyone do this as accidently clicking on trade woulda ruined my day a little bit.