Tuesday, 15 January 2008

First Real Post (and why I am not resto)


Pre-TBC I was Restoration, but gave up on that because healing wasn't appreciated at times by others. Second reason is that when my guild (in which I am) disbanded for a short time. No problem there, but I joined a friends's guild for the time being.

Since they were friends of mine and were in the same guild, I had fun. Untill, ofcourse, drama struck there. Which revolved about me.

The Shaman CL (class leader) was (read: is) my friend and the one that learned me how to raid, but... There was a second one and to be honest: She is a backstabbing, sneaky, not nice person.

She is a druid. Always has been. but then she got herself a Shaman alt. And she is an officer there. So she began to whine that she should be the CL. She works around the back of people.

For example: I had a hybrid spec, so I could do some stuff when soloing. There was no spelldamage on healing gear yet, so... yeah. The CL was fine with it. The "2nd CL" wasn't.
Behind his back, she went to me and demanded that I would spec 0/5/56. Instead of being kind and polite, she yelled at me. "Spec this way or you don't raid" etc. etc. So I gave in.

Later in KZ, she saw me using chain heal. Ofcourse, the CL wasn't there. "Stop using chain heal in raids.", she said to me. For the ones familiar with it: It is efficient raid healing. This shows the total lack of skill/brains for her to be a CL. Also, she doesn't talk to people, she yells and whines. When some people asked her to be a bit more kind, she logged off crying like a big baby.

So... Guy with lots of experience with all 3 specs, even was enhancement back Pre-TBC > annoying girl that only has a mere alt. Which was enhancement, if I recall correctly.

All was well, I don't bitch against people about it, I go with the flow, etc. etc.
"Cya all later, guys, be back in a hour.", I said. I returned to find me guildless.

I went to talk to the Guild Leader and apparently I have:
  1. No respect for officers.
  2. No healing skill whatsoever.
  3. I don't take advice.
  4. I have an alt on another server.
Okay.... and this is the truth:
  1. I always have respect for officers, even the ones I don't like.
  2. I was one of the better healers in my guild.
  3. I always take advice, if you bring it in a decent and normal way.
  4. The "alt" in question was a lvl 43 hunter on Thunderhorn that I haven't touched in ages, which used to be my main, till I took a break from WoW.
I asked him what advice I got.
"I don't know, but Serpentined* gave you alot.", he responded. In reality, I never spoke to the ->PRIEST CLASS LEADER<-. So, since I was kicked already, I told him that the dear "2nd CL", the spec-nazi, only commanded me to stop using vital spells.

"So, I was kicked because you all are nothing more than incompetent leaders.", I said to him. "Indeed, he replied."

Then I went to Serpentined. "I have nothing to say to you.", he said. After which he blocked me on Xfire, ignored me in WoW etc. etc. (Soooo mature.)

By pure "coincidence" (they just wanted to screw us over) all of my friends that went to that guild after the disband were kicked too. The only one that wasn't got a warning.

Luckily, my old guild reformed that day and I'm still raiding there happily, as Enhancement.

*all names are fictional to avoid more idiocy.

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