Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Respect your Elders, son.

I have no inspiration what so ever right now, so it just might proc if I type something, but chances are that this will be another lame paragraph. Anyhow. I got great news today, I don't need to getmy knee forced to bend in the OR. I was very nervous because of that possibility. FYI, I had a karting accident in September, in which I shattered my knee. Had it pieced together again at the hospital, etcetera. etcetera. At the moment, I can still only bend it 90 degrees. But atleast that means that I can ride a bicycle again, if I get to fixing my 2 flat tires (I am lazy, flat tires are the bane of my existance. Well, maybe not, but they are annoying).

I get the feeling that this won't be a very WoW-related post. But it's okay, it is my blog after all. Only "big" thing that happened lately was last night's raid attendance. I might have posted about it before, but this time is different. We had too little signups to raid, but my guildleader invited us anyway. He had an announcement: He and the officers are going to be a bit less free with the word "raiding". Meaning that if you call yourself a raider and are in a raiding guild, you should actually raid, not raid 3 times and then slack on the signing up.

Inspiration has procced.
The ranks are going to change. First we had the following: Initiate -> Member -> Elder (meaning that you were with the guild pre-TBC) -> Officers and such. Now it will change. Initiate -> Member -> Elder. It looks just the same! Well, looks can be decieving. The Elder rank used to be a nice title you got for being in PL pre- and post-TBC. Now, it is revamped and actually comes with responsibilities. As quoted from our forae (I prefer forae over forums. I had Latin for a year and I still like the Latin's version):

-Elders are expected to maintain a high raid attendance. Although this will vary in usual PL style ( :P ) a ball-park figure of 75% is a good guide. This includes raids that were signed but oversubscribed, of course.
-Elders are held to a high standard in general player relations - you are standard bearers for the guild. Do not bring the guild into disrepute.
-Elders are assigned to new members as mentors and must ensure new members settle in and learn all they need to know to be productive members, and to not feel lost or confused.
-Elders are also to be active with regards to encouraging guild sign-ups and publicising recruitment.
-Finally, Elders are encouraged to assist less experienced players in improving their own personal WoW skills and help keep Officers appraised of any issues that need dealing with (social or raid-related).

That's all?
Honestly? I am the oldest and most experienced Shaman in my guild (although my resto and elemental days begin to become a blur) and as such, I am the unofficial FAQ guy for shamanism. Not just from my guild, also for some other people I know that know I play Shaman for a long time. I love guiding new Shamans into raiding and my raid attendance used to be 95% pre-TBC. We raided 5 times per week. And I have never brought my guild in disrepute. What are my privileges then? Also quoted from my guild's forae:

-Elders have their own board on these forums. Please note that this board is primarily for issues relating to the Elders extra responsibilities.
-Elders have higher withdrawal limits for the guild tab (although since people put in more than they take out... :D )
-Elders may edit the GMotD (again, part of the extra responsibilities involve this).
-Elders get a bonus when it comes to looting (see below).
-Finally, we aim to allow Elders a small daily allowance from the Guild Bank towards repairs. However, don't take that for granted as we need to ensure such fund are sustainable.

Nice. I like my guild alot, and I am very loyal to it, so I like being able to do more for it when/if I get the rank.

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Tikita said...

Elders get there own forums? Time to start raiding.