Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Not alot of bosses look pretty.
Al'ar does though. Tonight was our first ever Al'ar attempt, and we got him (her?) down to 50%... on phase 2. He is in our pocket! :D And I could fly....I like flying.

In all seriousness, we did great, in my opinion. Even though our Teamspeak decided to quit on us during the transition on one of the tries, 4 people DC'ed and I died alot, made huge progress. I am happy to be in Phoenix Legion. Irony, slaying a beast after which you are named.

EDIT: Our SSC run of today (17 jan) is changed into TK so we can kill it :D

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Exanimo said...

Well actually the Myth of the Phoenix (if i recall correctly) is that a Phoenix goes up in flames and a new Phoenix rises from its ashes.
So you slaying it might be seen as your rise after the old Phoenix' demise, hows that? :)