Sunday, 27 January 2008


As WoW Insider posted in their article "Get your Mojo workin'", there are free Mojo's handed out at Zul'aman. All you need to do is to kiss a troll. According to WoW Insider it's another version of Mojo, or atleast they think so. I wonder if we can keep it.
Why? Because it's a bug. And *gets tinfoil hat* remember what happened to the Ghost Wolves? Okay, they didn't get the ASPCA to get them back, but they're untamable now.

Thanks WoW Insider for bringing this to my attention!

EDIT: I laughed at this: "Mojo whispers: I promise not to give you warts."

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Cowcontroll said...

I was in ZA saturday, i saw that a hordie ran around as a frog, i should asked him how he had gotten it, damdamdamdamdamdamdam;<