Thursday, 24 January 2008

A day on my Paladin

I want to heal again, but respeccing my lovable Enhancement Shaman with shiny epics would take ages to get my gear and skill up-to-date. So now, I am breaking out my lvl 40 Paladin out again, even though 30-58 are very boring in my opinion. Stranglethorn Vale... ugh. I hate Feralas too. For now, she is Retribution, but as soon as I hit 70, I want her to be Holy for the healing goodness.

She, the Blood Elf Paladin, started out as a character for my little brother who had no money to play his own account. At level 36, he had that money and now he has a lvl 70 Resto Druid. I hate the levels I still had to level, so I told him to boost me through those 4 levels. So now, after a crushing defeat in Feralas, where I tried to do some quests, I decided to round off some quests in Arathi, much easier.

After doing the last part of Call to Arms (including the quest for Or'kalar), taking me to 35% of lvl 40, I wanted to head to Org via the Undercity. But I couldn't find the flight master! It's gone! I went to open a ticket and saw that it was listed in the hot issues. I could explain what they said and lose all funnyness of their message, which we don't want, so I'll place a picture.
Whilst flying to the Undercity, I found out that there actually are many level 40 quests in Arathi. So I headed back to do them. After doing some, I went on to try a series of underwater quests... And failed miserably due to lack of water breathing. On my shaman this would be cake(not cake, the cake is a lie, remember?) pie, since he can cast waterbreathing.
So I need some [Elixir of Water Breathing]. With the only online alchemist of my guild in H Steamvaults (With a warrior that has never seen the inside of SV), this could take a while. I could get me a shiny staff from Gnomer, the [Hydrocane], but alas, Paladins cannot use staves. So I open my pally's engineering menu (she is engi/blacksmith, and my shaman is mining) to see if she can make the diving helmet yet.

Well, she can't. She has the right skill for it, no problem, mats aren't hard too. However, the schematic is sold by a vendor in Azshara. So I log my Shaman to fetch it. My Shaman, convienently parked in Orgrimmar, goes to Azshara (I hate that name, I always type it as Aszhara, so I have to rewrite it everytime - .-). I land in Valormok, after enjoying the beautiful scenery, and make my way to the vendor. Good thing I logged my Shaman, since Lake Mennar is a blue dragonkin infested area (Read: level 50 elite dragons that enjoy a little paladin shaped snack). through which you have to pass, or walk a looooong walk through giant infested areas (read: stronger elites that don't eat, they only scrape the bits of plate and Blood Elf from their soles). Luckily they had the items in stock, so I'm happy. I has the schematic! (that wasn't bad grammar, that is the lolcat part of our guild in which we all talk with "I has" and other flawed grammar, not bad, flawed)

I use my Astral Recall, to yank me through the Twisted Nether to Shattrath City. From there to Thunder Bluff and then to Gadgetzan. I'll look on the AH. I need mithril, lots of mithril.
I need 13 Mithril Bars, 1 Truesilver Bar and some gems. I have the gems in my bank, so I only needed to buy the bars. They costed 15g in total -.- Anyway, I send it all to my paladin and I log her again.

Instead of walking to Hammerfall, I HS to Grom'gol and make it there. I then go eat pizza whilst she is flying back to Hammerfall. And shower, and invent the cure for cancer, I have the time, since the flight path is rediculously long. So after I took a shower and theorised on the cure for cancer (cells duplicate until they get a signal to stop doing so, on cancer cells you have no receptors for that, so we might need to super-glue some on. I may have to call Pattex about it), I resumed my play.

I put on her new helmet and to be honest, she looks cute with her new helm. I feel a Mrs. Bubbles/Big Mommy joke coming up ('tis Bioshock), but I'll refrain from doing so. So... I walk back to the other side of Arathi (thank erm...not God, since I'm an atheist.. thank DAVE! yes! Thank DAVE for having a mount :P(I'll explain about DAVE someday))
This time, I take the route which goes from the right side of Stromguarde, a path that leads to an empty cave which is the entrance to the coastline there. I swam from the left side of Strom to the cove before.

Well, time to quest again. Easy. All the quests are get X now or kill Y. Deepdive Helmet FTW. I love Engineering for it's versatility now. After handing in the quests, they send me to Booty Bay. Near where I was before I flew over here. I started this post when I got up to play WoW, writing as events occured, etc. But how do I write a paragraph about my flying back north again?

Idea: Jungle, Creepy Forest, Volcanoes, Wetland, Mountains, City. Leaving out all of the scenery like this. Me like. Oh yeah, I traded in my Grim Reaper for my Sword of Omen and my Aegis of the Scarlet Commander.

Now I walk all the way to the cove again. I hand in the quest, just to get another. Now I have to defend the captain against waves of Naga that appear. Luckily there are NPCs to help me out. Especially because my Sword skill is lacking, being at 180.
After this, I finally ding to level 41.

EDIT: I want to heal with the paladin as an alt, my main will remain Enhancement.

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