Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Why applies must have been invented

I was sitting around in Shattrath today and as usual, I had people whispering me. Always happy to help, especially if they are interested in my guild. Today, I had someone that was interested (apologies for the horrible JPEG compression, name is edited out out of pity):
At this point, I inspected him. *sigh* Full PvP. And I mean FULL PvP gear. Nothing PvE oriented at all. Meh, doesn't say anything about the player. We move on:
Ooookay... Still nothing too bad. Everyone learns in a guild, and our guild really teaches very well. Another guildie started out as, well, not the smartest person, but now he gets along fine and to be honest, he is a great guy now.
Wait, what? This guy is PvP guild material. He thinks Misery is a good battleground and he has the ability to quote the one time he got lucky in a BG. Okay... And he wants to transfer. Why apply to a PvE guild when it's blatantly obvious that you are PvP. And why bother if you are going to transfer? The lunacy doesn't end here though.
Lolwut? You hate applying, but you want to raid?
System warning: your IQ has reached abyssal depths. Try reading D&D comics or anything else that requires a brain. this might remove the debuff. I hope.
I apparently am one of "them". So he expects that he joins a raiding guild, gets to raid whenever he wants/is online, gets epics and he has to do nothing. And he doesn't know how a forum works. If you don't know how a forum works, how can you know how raid signups work? And ofcourse he has a 6th sense for idiots. I'm just not going to bother to tell him why a guild has applications.
Just no. It's 22:00 now and he still hasn't made an application.

Offtopic bit: I fixed my bicycle and I can ride it now. For the first time since 4 months I can go somewhere fast and on my own. I am happy. Very happy. Also, another music video that I like.
4 Strings - Take Me Away. Via youtube.


Cowcontroll said...

The worst thing is that theese people seems to grow on trees O.o

And doing pug heroics with this kind of people thats been doing BG's 24/7 the last decade and never done normal grp runs in SV/SP/UB and jumping right to the heroic ones is just a waste of time.

Quincey said...




i have a macro to respond to people like that :P

Ashuna said...

One thing that is noteworthy with regards to PVP vs PVE gear viability. If your guild is behind the curve progression wise (mine is still in Kara) The PVP enhancement gear can get the job done until you have access to the T4 stuff. Yeah you lose some PVE stat points to resil and stam, but the itemization for enhancement is so craptacular in Kara aside from the tier tokens it isn't even funny that the PVP stuff still comes out ahead. Which is unfortunate.

Cryon said...

Okay, but we are raiding SSC/TK.