Friday, 18 January 2008

Al'Ar, Take III

22:25 - Al'Ar on 0.0001% Enraged, then killed us all on flame buffet.
22:50 - Al'Ar down! 24 manned it!

Finally, after 3 days of consecutive raiding, we finally slayed it.
*omnomnomnom* Phoenix Wings taste good. It dropped good loot, [Netherbane] for me! Also [Talon of Al'ar] and [Mindstorm Wristbands]. We 24-manned it, so even more impressive imo. (if you count 25 on the picture, Bjellis the DPS warrior joined after we killed it. He joined the raid after we engaged.) I put Mongoose on the axe now and it looks sooooo cool. Still a bit hyped from the kill. We finally got it!

And grats, Mindcontrol for getting your T5 shoulder from Void Reaver. Skipping T4 and going straight for T5, as one of the first to get any T5.

EDIT: 19th of January now, my birthday. ^_^


Tikita said...

Why didnt you tell me there was 24, I would have come. Also gz on the axe and happy birthday ^_^

Quincey said...

aye grats AND happy birthday :)