Thursday, 24 January 2008

Another day, another QQ

I like to play around in the Trade channel. Preferably on an alt. Not to make a mess and spam, but to annoy the spammers themselves. It is basic knowledge that the words "proper", "grammar", "spelling", "language" and "usage" in any form or way in one sentence makes them see red. Today, I had a laugh with this: There was someone that managed to get every word abbreviated or spelled the wrong way. Seriously. So It kind of went like this:

[1. General] [Someguy]: im sry bt mah lil bro playd rs nd his acct gt hacked nd i thought t was no big deal bt he does think so

Or something like that, I didn't screenshot it, I forgot. I felt my fingers itching, I had to respond. I was on an alt, at the time, but I'll use my main's name. Here is how it went:

[1. General] [Cryon]: Dude, could you please use proper grammar and spelling when you type?
[1. General] [Somethingwifak]: some people just can't, lol
[1. General] [Bloodpoisen]: no one carez for spelling nd grammer lol

The third guy, Bloodpoisen, is just about always involved in spamming on the global channels. Smile, Bloodpoisen, you're on my blog! Anyhow, he starts making snide remarks. So I respond with a psuedo-pschycologial way (I hate the word pshy- pschyc- oh, sod it, spellcheck ftw):

[1. General] [Cryon]: Are you intimidated by people that can maintain proper use of grammar and spelling in the English language and respond to that by acting like a small child?
[1. General] [Cryon]: I know I'm not intimidated by a sad, pathetic little spammer.
[1. General] [Bloodpoisen]: if i was a spammer id be spammin now

Then he apparently got him a friend to help:

[1. General] [random]: take him to hell plx
[1. General] [Cryon]: I have a condo there.

I eat comments like that for breakfast. Then I had to log my main, raid was about to start. The first part of this post wasn't QQ. I know. The second part will. Well, QQ, I'm not angry at people, just disappointed.

What is the problem, you may ask. Well, I am in an awesome guild, really nice people, always a good laugh. The downside ot any community is that you have a core and a mantle so to speak. The core consists of the hardcore members, like me, who are there for all the raids, are active, read the forums daily, etc. The mantle consists of the rest. A raid is built up the same way. Our tanks are always the same great, skilled people, since all our tanks own ^^. Never a problem. However, DPS and healing is a problem from time to time. Last week, we had tons of signups for TK. Great. Just how we like it.

Then we have SSC this reset. Either we lack signups, we get people that cancel (no problem, RL > WoW, but this kinda falls back on the lacking signups then) or people that won't show up. If we had all our raids like planned, not cancelled like today, we could be in Hyjal end of February. It truly saddens me that our progress is limited by this.

I am sad, but I am not the workhorse of my guild, who's hard work is in vain. My guild leader is. We owe so much to him, and we love him so much that we (I don't know if he knows) give him the phoenix mount from Kael'Thas as a thank you when it drops. He is one of the best tanks I ever played with. He is there every raid, exept when the trains can't being him to his PC, or when there is an emergency. He is funny, witty and makes our guild so awesome. That's why I, well most of the core group I think, are upset or angry with the slackers that don't bother to sign, or even inform that they stopped playing WoW.

I was a guild leader too, been there, done that. I used to be the workhorse too, so I know how it feels. Which is why I appreciate his input so much. <3 you, Creamy.

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