Tuesday, 22 January 2008

[2.Trade] [Random]: Stop it!

People that play MMORPGs have more social interaction than people that watch television all day. However, I think that Tel Sell doesn't lower my IQ as much as the trade channel does. Since the trade channels for all capital cities were linked together, it seems that not only traders have flocked to it. Apparently Barrens Chat had to join in too. Apart from buying, selling and guild recruiting, there are people that debate yell insistingly that their country is the best, use witty remarks like "ur mum" and the people that dislike such behavior, but usually have to resort to using language the aforementioned can understand. Such language does not really stand out with it's advanced spelling and grammatical superiority.

These obnoxious individuals, who believe that they are "gangsta" because they spam and hand out virtual death wishes (as in "i hope u die" and such), are also the ones that apparently lack enough braincells to generate a witty remark. If you make a remark about them, they will usually use the F-word, amongst others, which I would expect to be left behind when they left elementary school.

You know, at this point in this post, I still don't have a title and/or an ending for it, so if you're still reading: Get yourself a drink or something, I have the feeling this post is going to wind on and on. Think of it as amana break. Maybe you should even get your Camelbak, if you have one. Seriously.

They like to use diseases and ailments/affections as a base for their name calling, swearing and other hopeless endeavors. Which shows how little respect they have for other people that might suffer from them. Why would they do so? Why be such an idiot, that no one likes? The picture below from Penny Arcade sums it up nicely:Even though they use Unreal Tournament 2004 as example, this applies to the entire Internet. It would seem that, according to the theory, that these childish acts are preformed by attention whores who believe that being mean to others is the key to being liked. Wait, what? Does. Not. Compute.

It may sound like I am an old fart that is annoyed to hell and back by these "youngsters", but actually I am a young man who is tired of having to deal with assholes that think they are the epitome of awesome, both online and offline. People seem to think that as soon as they interact through TCP/IP, all morals can go overboard. For example: My server has a large percentage of Dutch players, of which alot are nice, and the rest are annoying, loud and obnoxious football maniacs. Once one starts talking in a civilised way about his favorite sport, football yelling how their football club is the best, all the others join in and yell back. This results in a wave tsunami of spam across the trade channel.

Such a "spamnami" leads to a situation where all reasonable people wish that they stop, which means more spam and so on and so on. It's growing exponentially and it comes out of nowhere. Oh well, atleast it usually dissapears just as fast, once the kiddies get bored.

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