Saturday, 19 January 2008


Yay! I has got my Belkin Nostromo n52. I am happy. It feels more solid then I thought, it stays put if you try to slide the thing and the buttons actually need more force than a normal keyboard. My arms can rest on a normal height now and no odd mouseclicks when playing anymore. I think I'll be using the many buttons more for Hellgate: London or some FPSs, since I'm a clicker in WoW. Anyway, I'm happy. And to quote Quincey:
"Someone's going pro :O"
A friend is coming over tonight to check it out and wish me a happy b-day, so it should be fun (he can play HG:L for once too then :P ). Now: Mistery Raid.... I wonder (seriously, I has no idea). Might post pictures of the thing later ^^.

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Tikita said...

Mystery raid :o . I bet its MC ^_^

That N52 sounds quite awesome, and never knew you were a clicker though!