Saturday, 19 January 2008

Coming soon: 10 ways to "spend time" whilst raiding.

23:24[Cryon]: I have the suspicion that Cream is starting a blog too
23:24[Quincey]: haha
23:25[Quincey]: we've all gone blog mad, you can consider yourself a trend setter :P
23:25[Cryon]: :D
23:25[Quincey]: 9 posts on mine in 24 hours
23:25[Quincey]: =s
23:25[Cryon]: Blogging is fun, imo, you should get a site tracker
23:25[Quincey]: most of them are reasonable length too
23:25[Quincey]: perhaps i just had a lot to say :P
23:26[Cryon]: xD so do I, but.... I am a little more direct and to the point, me thinks
23:26[Quincey]: read my arathi basin post
23:27[Quincey]: ima start linking it to people who whine about the new AV on the pvp forums :P
23:27[Cryon]: I like that post
23:27[Cryon]: because it's true
23:27[Quincey]: exactly <3
23:27[Quincey]: wait, they are all true :P
23:27[Cryon]: anyhow, I has an idea: top 10 ways of slacking in raids :P
23:27[Quincey]: ooooh
23:28[Quincey]: :)
23:28[Cryon]: would make 10 nice articles, no?
23:28[Quincey]: sure
23:28[Quincey]: ima look through my exploration screenies tonight
23:28[Cryon]: a small collaboration, if you wish :P
23:28[Quincey]: find the better ones
23:30[Cryon]: but... wanna make those 10 posts with me? :P 5 on each blog? 10 on yours, 9 on mine, etc.
23:30[Quincey]: sure, but since i dont slack ima need help writing them :P

Thus, the idea was born. :D So, soon, we will post a top 10. these will be posted alternating on both blogs (10 on his, 9 on mine, 8 on his etc.). No timeframe, might take forever :P


Tikita said...

10 ways to slack in Raids, surely this is a blog I can help with. I spent 90% of the time dead, I had to find alternate ways to stay amused.

Quincey said...

aint that the truth :P
ill probably need some help posting these up since i didnt have time to slack, i was doing all your work as well as mine :P